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Cox’s Bazar Tour Guide|Location, Map, Food, Hotels, Weather etc.

Cox’s Bazar beach may be the ocean coastline that is the longest in the world. 120 kilometers very long, having no 2nd example. Water that is wavy of Bengal details the beach throughout this 120 km. The country’s most widely used beach town compared to the other one ‘Kuakata coastline town for Bangladeshi’s it doesn’t get superior to Cox’s Bazar. It is the type of a Cancun of this east. Affluent 5 & 3-star hotels, catering largely to the nation’s elite and tourists that are overseas. The beach is only a touch crowded in tourist season. October to March, especially near the hotel-motel zone, but remains virgin during the remainder of the year, April to September, when it’s better to take a visit there.

Location and Map

Cox’s Bazar could be the tourism spot of Bangladesh, it’s recognized for its wide sandy beach, which is society’s longest unbroken normal sandy sea beach, which is 125 kilometers very long having a pitch that is mild. This southernmost city is a region 150 km south of Chittagong, adjacent to the Myanmar border on the southeastern side. Cox’s Bazar normally known because of the title “Panowa”, the literal translation of this means “yellow flower”. Its various cox’s Bazar could be the tourism spot of Bangladesh, it’s recognized for its wide sandy coastline, Its various other names this is certainly old “Palongkee”.

The main 120 kilometer beaches is named differently having diversified flora & fauna. It begins with ‘Laboni Beach,’ Sughandha Beach’ within the Cox’s Bazar region and 10 km south is known as ‘Himchari Beach’,30 km fur known as ‘Inani Beach’ and more 70 km down is the ‘Teknaf Beach’. Things must be quieter here, but still expect you’ll draw attention to this is certainly great. The whole 120-kilometer beach could be traveled in one go by motorbike. The greater one enters the south, the greater the ocean water becomes blue.


Get In:

Found about 150 kilometer south of Chittagong Metropolitan town, Cox’s Bazar is connected both by atmosphere and roadway with the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka while the port that is prime Chittagong. Daily routes that are non-stop offered by Chittagong and Dhaka on United Airways or Regent . The journey by plane takes 60 minutes while the fare is BD taka.6000.00 and 3500.00 one of the ways from Dhaka & Chittagong respectively.

How to get Cox’s Bazar by bus

By coach, it shall simply take about 10-12 hours from Dhaka and 4-5 hours from Chittagong. The AC that is personal Bus called ‘Greenline’, ‘Soudia’, ‘Hanif’,’TR Travels’ ‘Shamoli’ and ‘Amader Baghdad’ are available from Dhaka and Chittagong. AC coach shall take BDT 1400-1800 from Dhaka to Cox’s bazar. Furthermore, numerous solutions that are non-AC additionally available from Dhaka and Chittagong costing from BD taka.350.00-750.00(from Dhaka) or BD taka 200.00-360.00 (from Chittagong).

The coach that is primary is really a few kilometers east associated with main town area, about a 15-20 minute / Tk 100-120 by electric bike called ‘Easy Bike’ or CNG car trip. Regional buses visit Chittagong (Tk 120, 4 hours) and Teknaf (Tk 70, 3 hours).

The bus this is certainly exclusive have offices near ‘Hotel Sea Queen’ in the primary road, also down in the hotel-motel zone. During the visitor season, bus tickets go scarcity requires advance ticketing to avoid delayed staying. Far better to book immediately on arrival.

Get Around of Cox’s Bazar

Cycle and Rickshaw: Cycle-rickshaws are plentiful, as well as the trip between hotel-motel zone additionally the Laboni point location regarding the roaming that is main cost Tk 12, though foreigners will have to battle tough for the cost. They’re going to ask for at least Tk 20 (Tk 15 is really a reasonable adequate center floor).

The Climate of Cox’s Bazar

The climate of Cox’s Bazar is mainly similar to the remaining portion of the nation. It is further seen as an area in the region this is certainly coastal. The average this is certainly annual in Cox’s Bazar continues to be at an optimum of 34.8 °C and a minimum of 16.1 °C. The total amount this is certainly normal of remains at 4,285 mm.

Best Traveling Places of Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar, mainly well-known for its sea that is the breathtaking beach the sunset, features many destinations, including:

Kolatoli beach:

Kolatoli beach is a right part of Cox’s Bazar situated near Dolphine Moure of Cox’s Bazar city. Many restaurants and hotels choose to be live in this area. Buses end near this beach. Before the limitations of the government, the stoppage of the coach ended up being the beach section of Kolatoli. Now all bus stop near Dolphine moure.

Laboni Beach:

This is the main coastline of Cox’s Bazar and is considered the beach that is primary towards the fact that it is closest to the town. Near to the beach, you will find hundreds of tiny shops souvenirs that are offering coastline add-ons for the tourists.


The amazing waterfall of Himchari is a very scene that is unusual to enjoy. The waterfall from the mountain that is green reasonably extraordinary to look at. Nonetheless, in the winter it dwindles whereas into the rainy season it really is wonderful and waterfall that is full be enjoyed. The spot is excellent for picnics, shooting, relaxing and sunbathing. But once you have sunbathing locals can hurry around you as Bangladeshis’ are not used to see ladies in swim outfits. Right here you can get a beautiful hilltop resort center where you can stay for calming and can hear the coast regarding the Bay of Bengal.

positioned about 18 km south of Cox’s Bazar along the ocean coastline, is really a location that is good for the picnic and film shooting. This area is certainly picnic famous for its waterfalls. The road to Himchari runs by the ocean that is available in one part and hills on the other side, making the journey to Himchari really attractive. It’s another attraction could be the Christmas tree.

Enani Beach:

found 35 kilometers south of Cox’s Bazar, this sandy that is white is situated within Ukhia Thana. The beach is famous for golden sand and shark that is clean water, which is perfect for sea bathing. Many tourists would rather here come down for relaxing since it is free from the crowd of tourists that is generally seen during the Laboni beach.


An island from the coastline of Cox’s Bazar. It offers a specific part of 268 square kilometers. Through the center for the island and along the eastern line that is shore a selection of reasonable hills, 300 feet large; but the coastline towards the west and north is really a low-lying treat, fringed by mangrove forest. Within the mountains regarding the coastline is created the shrine of Adinath, focused on Shiva. By its side-on the hill that is exactly the same as a Buddhist Pagoda.


That is a typical Buddhist village, about 16 kilometers from Cox’s Bazar, on your way that is primary Chittagong. You will find monasteries, khyangs and pagodas containing images of Buddha in gold, bronze and other metals inlaid with precious stones.

Most Useful Time To Visit Coxs Bazar

Concerned about tourists closing or flocking hours of cox’s bazaar while planning your travel? Enough time that is best to visit Coxs Bazar would have been a time when you’re able to totally immerse within the knowledge rather than be concerned about such troubles. The weather of cox’s Bazar is positive together with the most readily useful of tasks during this period that is particular cox’s Bazar. Then, come visit Coxs Bazar at it’s the best time where you are able to create an unforgettable knowledge without the need to be concerned about small issues if you should be considering when to get to Coxs Bazar.

Cox’s Bazar Climate in January-March:

the fresh air is somewhat humid with average moisture becoming 67% together with average temperature is 73℉. The elements are perfectly balmy making it a time this is certainly great check out Coxs Bazar. The maximum temperature taped in this era is 95℉. A season this is certainly ideal see Coxs Bazar. The average precipitation recorded surrounding this right time is 7.13 mm.

Cox’s Bazar Climate in April-June:

a season this is certainly exceptional visit Coxs Bazar, the average temperature falls around 85℉. The weather is fantastic for outdoors, the fresh environment being moderately humid. This will be most most likely one of the best times to check out Coxs Bazar as well as a visitor period this is certainly high. The common precipitation recorded around this correct time is 211.17 mm.

Cox’s Bazar Climate in July-September:

an occasion that is pleasant be into the Coxs Bazar, the temperature lies within the range of 73℉ and 91℉, the average being 82℉. Even though the weather condition is humid, it isn’t hot adequate to turn you into nothing like it outside! In general, an occasion this is certainly great be here! The average precipitation recorded surrounding this right time is 568.66 mm.

Cox’s Bazar Climate in October-November:

The heat that is greatest taped is 91℉ which may allow you to be would you like to cost the nearest café to straight down one cup of chilled beverage, however, the reasonable humidity of 81% tends to make this an excellent time for you to check out Coxs Bazar. This time duration sees precipitation this is certainly normal of mm.

Coxs Bazar Weather in With normal humidity of 72%, temperatures sway between 54℉ to 86℉ December. Today this could cause a vexation that is small but we are certainly not complaining! This climate is ideal to go sightseeing around the populous town of Coxs Bazar. This time around period sees precipitation that is normal of mm.

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Learn About Cox’s Bazar Before Traveling:

  • Swim when you look at the surf ocean beach that is sandy. The motels generally do not mind in the event that you go entirely soaked through the lobby, but it’s polite to have a bath at the place that is designated beyond your lobby. Be careful concerning the waves as well as the receding stream, even though you certainly are a good swimmer. Check for the ‘Green Flag’ hoisted instead of ‘Red Flag’ at the life watchtower this is certainly conserving. It is far better to leave your sandals along with other belongings dealt with stay away from any loss whenever you leave the water, which is very rare. The Beach Chair attendants are required to check it after. Get the beach chair or any other amusement gear on an hourly basis this is certainly a rental better to bargain prior.
  • Drink coconut this is certainly green Cox’s Bazar is well-known for green coconut and the mountain’s ‘Banana’ at low priced, exactly what feels a lot more like a tropical vacation than sitting on a beach while having a green coconut & Banana? But be aware never to darty the beach by throwing trash in the coastline, although the device that is cellular ‘Robi’ within their personal duty involved with cleaning the coastline hourly, with the motto ‘Keep coastline clean’.
  • Leave the traveler this is certainly primary and discover the beaches while the fishing boats around the Hotel Motel Zone. Staying at the beach after dark, not being high-risk because of the constant existence of ‘Tourist Police’ within the beach as much as evening, yet it does not stay at the night that is deep.

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