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“Explore the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, one of America’s most popular travel destinations. Whether planning a luxury road trip, adventure travel, or simply seeking a vacation hotspot, Las Vegas has something for everyone. From thrilling This city shows today to world-class dining and shopping, Las Vegas, USA offers endless opportunities for entertainment and travel.


Las Vegas is a city that is synonymous with glamour, casinos, and entertainment. It’s hard to imagine that this bustling metropolis in the Nevada desert was once a small railroad town founded in 1905. Its journey from modest beginnings to becoming one of the most recognizable cities in the world is nothing short of extraordinary.

Early Days

Las Vegas was once a place where rugged, adventurous souls came to seek their fortunes in the desert. It was a dusty outpost that served as a stopover for travelers between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. The city’s first major industry was mining, with several mines operating in the surrounding hills throughout the early 20th century.

The Rise of the Casinos

It wasn’t until the 1930s that Las Vegas began to transform into the entertainment hub we know today. The state of Nevada legalized gambling in 1931, and the first casino, the Northern Club, opened in This city in 1936. But the arrival of mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel in the 1940s kickstarted the city’s transformation.

Siegel’s vision was to create a luxurious casino resort that would attract wealthy tourists, and he poured millions of dollars into the construction of the Flamingo Hotel, which opened in 1946. The ostentatious resort was an instant success, and other casinos soon followed suit, establishing Las Vegas as the world’s gambling capital.

Post-War Boom

Las Vegas continued to grow and prosper throughout the post-war years, with new hotels and casinos springing up to meet demand. The city’s fortunes were greatly boosted in 1966 when eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes moved and began buying casinos and hotels.

By the 1970s, Las Vegas drew in millions of visitors yearly, and the city’s reputation as a playground for adults was firmly established. Over the years, the city has undergone several transformations, including the construction of mega-resorts on the City Strip, which began in the 1980s and continues today.

Final Thoughts

The history of Las Vegas is a fascinating story of how a small desert town became a global phenomenon. From its gritty mining past to its glamorous present, this city has undergone an incredible journey that has captured the world’s imagination. The city’s reputation for glitz and entertainment may make it seem like a place that has always been larger than life, but the story of Las Vegas is one of perseverance, hard work, and a willingness to take risks and dream big.

Top Tourist Attractions

Las Vegas is a tourist hotspot with something for everyone. From the glitz and glamour of the Strip to the natural wonders of the surrounding area, Las Vegas is a city that offers a unique blend of entertainment and adventure.

Tourist Attractions Place

  1. The Las Vegas Strip: The Strip is undoubtedly the most famous attraction in Las Vegas, with its neon lights, iconic hotels, and endless entertainment options. Visitors can stroll down the Strip, catch a show, or try their luck in one of the many casinos.
  2. The Bellagio Fountains: The Bellagio Fountains are a popular attraction on the Strip. The fountains are set in a man-made lake and choreographed to music, creating a mesmerizing display of water and light.
  3. The Grand Canyon: The Grand Canyon is a natural wonder just a short drive from Las Vegas. Visitors can take a helicopter or airplane tour of the canyon or hike one of its many trails for a closer look at the breathtaking views.
  4. Fremont Street Experience: Fremont Street is a pedestrian-only area in downtown Las Vegas that offers a unique twist on the city’s entertainment scene. Visitors can enjoy live music, street performers, and a nightly light show illuminating the street.
  5. Hoover Dam: The Hoover Dam is an engineering marvel on the border of Nevada and Arizona, about a 45-minute drive from Las Vegas. Visitors can tour the dam and learn about its history and construction.
  6. The Neon Museum: The Neon Museum is unique, showcasing some iconic neon signs used in Las Vegas over the years. Visitors can take a guided tour of the outdoor exhibition and learn about the history of these iconic symbols.
  7. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area: The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a scenic area just outside of Las Vegas that offers hiking trails, rock climbing, and stunning views of the unique rock formations for which the area is known.


No matter what your interests are, Las Vegas has something to offer. With unique attractions ranging from the natural wonders of the Grand Canyon to the iconic entertainment of the Strip, Las Vegas is a city that will leave you with lasting memories.

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Education in the United States

Education in the United States is a complex and diverse system that varies from state to state. The country has many prestigious universities and colleges that attract international students from all over the world. In this blog post, we will look at the education system in the U.S. and explore the different types of institutions and degrees offered.

When it comes to higher education, the United States has a reputation for excellence and innovation. The country is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities, including Harvard, MIT, Yale, and Stanford. These institutions offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields of study.

In addition to these top-tier universities, community colleges, technical schools, and vocational institutions provide students with practical skills and job-specific training. These institutions offer certificates and associate degrees that prepare students for the workforce.

U.S. universities offer a Bachelor’s degree at the undergraduate level, typically taking four years to complete. Graduate programs include Masters’s and Doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees, which can take two to six years to complete, depending on the field of study.

One of the unique features of the U.S. education system is its emphasis on liberal arts education. Liberal arts programs generally require students to take courses in a wide range of subjects, including humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, in addition to their major field of study. This approach gives students a broad knowledge base and helps them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Final Thoughts

The United States offers a diverse and competitive education system that prepares students for success in their chosen fields. Whether you are a U.S. citizen or an international student, there are many opportunities to pursue higher education in the United States. If you want to further your education and expand your horizons, consider exploring the various institutions and degrees offered in the U.S.

Famous Hotels and Resorts

Las Vegas, known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, is renowned for its spectacular hotels and resorts. Aside from its lively casinos, extravagant shows, and bustling nightlife, This City also famous for its luxurious accommodations, each with its own unique style and flair.

Famous Hotels and Resorts

  1. Bellagio Las Vegas – This iconic hotel is famous for its breathtaking fountain show, which features over a thousand fountains dancing to music and lights. The Bellagio boasts luxurious amenities like spa treatments, fine dining restaurants, and art exhibits.
  2. The Venetian Las Vegas – Inspired by the Italian city of Venice, this magnificent hotel features stunning Renaissance-inspired architecture with gondola rides along its indoor canal. It also houses some of Las Vegas’s finest restaurants and a grand theater for shows and performances.
  3. Caesars Palace – Known for its Roman-themed design, Caesars Palace is another famous hotel that offers luxurious accommodations, fine dining restaurants, and top-notch entertainment venues. It is home to the Colosseum, which has hosted renowned artists such as Celine Dion, Elton John, and Shania Twain.
  4. The Mirage – This iconic hotel is famous for its erupting volcano show, blasting fire and smoke every evening. The Mirage is also home to Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, where guests can interact with dolphins and exotic animals.
  5. Wynn Las Vegas – This elegant hotel features a luxurious and modern design, a vast collection of art pieces, and a serene pool area. It also boasts of having some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas, including SW Steakhouse and Costa di Mare.

Visiting these famous Las Vegas hotels and resorts is a must-do for any traveler. Each hotel offers a unique experience, providing guests with luxury and extravagance.

Entertainment Options in Las Vegas: A Comprehensive Guide

Las Vegas, popularly known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, is a city that never sleeps. The city offers various entertainment options catering to all ages and interests. There’s something for everyone, from world-class shows and concerts to nightclubs and casinos.

1. Shows and Concerts

Las Vegas is known for its world-class shows and concerts. Some popular shows include Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group, and David Copperfield’s magic show. The city also hosts concerts and residencies by some of the biggest music artists in the world, such as Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, and Elton John.

2. Nightclubs

Las Vegas is home to some of the hottest nightclubs in the world. The city’s vibrant nightlife attracts party-goers from all over the globe. Some famous nightclubs include Omnia, XS, and Hakkasan, which offer a great mix of music, cocktails, and dance.

3. Casinos

Las Vegas is known for its glitzy and glamorous casinos. The city has more than 70 casinos, ranging from small-themed casinos to massive resorts with gaming floors covering thousands of square feet. Some iconic casinos include the Bellagio, Caesars Palace, and the MGM Grand.

4. Outdoor Activities

Las Vegas also offers an abundance of outdoor activities. Visitors can explore the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, go hot air ballooning, or tour the Colorado River by kayak or canoe. The city also has several golf courses, hiking trails, and adventure sports options such as zip-lining and rock climbing.

5. Food and Dining

Las Vegas is also a foodie’s paradise, with many dining options ranging from fast food to Michelin-starred restaurants. The city offers diverse cuisine, from Chinese to French, Italian to Japanese. Some of the famous dining destinations include Joel Robuchon, Gordon Ramsay Steak, and Nobu.

Las Vegas is one of the world’s most exciting and vibrant cities, with many entertainment options. With all the glitz and glamour, it is easy to forget that the city also offers natural beauty and outdoor activities.

Shopping : Luxurious Destinations for Every Shopaholic

Las Vegas is a place known for its luxury and extravagance. The city is nothing short of lavish, whether casinos, hotels, or nightclubs. The same goes for its shopping scene. You can find some of the world’s most luxurious brands and products in Las Vegas. Casinos have extravagant shopping malls within them, and the city boasts some of the world’s largest malls.

The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

Located in one of the most famous hotels in Las Vegas, the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace offers a luxurious shopping experience. The shops here boast some of the most prestigious brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Versace. You can also find high-end jewelry stores like Bvlgari and Cartier. The Forum Shops have a stunning interior and some great restaurants, making it an entire afternoon spent in the lap of luxury.

The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian

The Grand Canal Shoppes is an essential stop on your shopping trip to Las Vegas. Not only is it another luxurious shopping mall, but it is also home to Madame Tussauds and a range of high-class restaurants. The mall recreates Venice in City with canals and gondola rides. You can find brands ranging from Michael Kors and Tory Burch to Jimmy Choo and Dolce & Gabbana.

The Fashion Show Mall

The Fashion Show Mall is the largest in Las Vegas, located on the famous Las Vegas Strip. It is bustling with over 250 shops, from fast fashion brands like H&M and Forever 21 to luxury brands like Prada, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. The mall has a great mix of high-end and affordable brands, establishing it as a shopper’s paradise.

The Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood

The Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood may be your destination if you want something unique and offbeat. It has over 200 shops, ranging from affordable brands to hip and trendy boutiques. The mall also offers a unique indoor rainstorm experience, where you can shop at the sound of thunder and rainfall.

Las Vegas Premium Outlets North and South

Las Vegas also has two premium outlet centers: Las Vegas Premium Outlets North and Las Vegas Premium Outlets South. The stores here have discounted prices on high-end brands like Burberry, Coach, and Kate Spade. The outlets are located on opposite ends of the city, making them easily accessible for tourists.

Dining and Nightlife in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its extravagant casinos, lively entertainment, and vibrant nightlife. However, the city offers more than just gambling and shows. The dining scene in Las Vegas is renowned worldwide and features renowned chefs and restaurants. And while the city may be best known for its over-the-top nightlife, there are also plenty of activities to keep night owls entertained.

When it comes to dining in Las Vegas, the choices are staggering. The city has some of the world’s best restaurants, including eateries from celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Emeril Lagasse, and Bobby Flay. However, the dining options don’t end with upscale restaurants. Plenty of more affordable spots also serve delicious meals worth writing home about, such as Shake Shack and In-N-Out Burger.

One of the most notable dining experiences in Las Vegas is the buffet. The city is famous for its lavish buffets, offering cuisine ranging from classic American dishes to exotic international fare. The buffets at the Bellagio, Wynn, and Cosmopolitan are some of the most popular in the city.

While dining is a highlight of Las Vegas, the city’s nightlife is equally impressive. Clubs are notorious for their grandeur, with some of the world’s most flamboyant and luxurious venues. DJs play sets throughout the night at locations such as XS at the Encore and Omnia at Caesars Palace. There are also plenty of bars and lounges, each with a unique atmosphere, to explore. Whether you want to sip a cocktail with a view of the city or dance the night away with friends, you’ll find plenty of options in This City.

Final Thoughts

Las Vegas has everything if you’re here for gambling, cuisine, or nightlife. With so many options and experiences, one thing is for sure: You’ll never be bored.

Sports and outdoor activities

If you’re looking for outdoor activities and sports in Las Vegas, you’re in the right place. Las Vegas offers a wide variety of options for both adventure seekers and those looking for a more relaxing time outdoors. So pack your bags, get your travel guide, and let’s explore!

One of the most popular outdoor activities in Las Vegas is hiking. With its stunning desert landscapes and nearby mountain ranges, there are plenty of trails to explore, from the easy to the more challenging. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, located just 17 miles west of the city, is a must-visit for hikers and rock climbers, offering stunning views and unique rock formations.

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, Las Vegas has many options, including ATV tours, ziplining, and skydiving. Take a guided ATV tour through the Mojave Desert, and experience the thrill of riding through the dusty terrain. Or try ziplining at Bootleg Canyon Flightlines, where you can soar above the canyon at up to 60 mph speeds.

For water lovers, Lake Mead National Recreation Area offers plenty of boating, kayaking, and fishing options. Just a short drive from the city, Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States and a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. You can also take a scenic tour of the lake by boat and enjoy the stunning views from the water.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re an adventure seeker or just looking for a relaxing vacation, Las Vegas has something for everyone. With its wide range of outdoor activities, sports, and natural attractions, it’s no wonder that Las Vegas is one of the top travel destinations in the world. So plan your trip, pack your bags, and get ready to explore Vegas and all it has to offer!

Events and festivals

Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps, and it’s no surprise that it’s a hub for events and festivals throughout the year. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, there’s always something fun and exciting happening in Vegas!

Top Events and Festivals

  1. Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) – EDC is one of the most popular festivals in Vegas and attracts music lovers worldwide. Held in May, this three-day event celebrates electronic dance music, featuring top artists and incredible light shows.
  2. Life is Beautiful – This three-day festival in September celebrates music, art, and culture. With headliners like Billie Eilish and Chance the Rapper, Life is Beautiful draws a diverse crowd and offers a range of experiences, from art installations to culinary delights.
  3. Las Vegas Film Festival – This festival, held in April, showcases independent films worldwide. With screenings, panels, and workshops, the Las Vegas Film Festival is a must-attend for movie buffs.
  4. The Great Vegas Festival of Beer – Beer lovers rejoice! The Great Vegas Festival of Beer, held in April, features over 500 beers from over 100 craft breweries. With food trucks, live music, and beer games, this festival is a fun-filled day for all.
  5. National Finals Rodeo – If you’re in Las Vegas in December, don’t miss the National Finals Rodeo. This 10-day event is the pinnacle of professional rodeo and features bull riding, steer wrestling and barrel racing.
  6. Chinese New Year – Las Vegas has one of the country’s largest Chinese New Year celebrations. The festivities include a parade, dragon, lion dances, and traditional Chinese performances.
  7. Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon and Half Marathon – This one-of-a-kind event occurs at night, with runners passing by some of Vegas’s most iconic landmarks. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon is a unique and exciting experience with live bands performing along the course.

As you can see, Las Vegas is brimming with exciting events and festivals year-round. Whether you’re an adventure seeker or a culture lover, there’s something for everyone in the Vegas events calendar. So plan your trip, and get ready to experience the best of this vibrant city!

Planning a Trip : A Comprehensive Guide

Las Vegas, also known as “Sin City” or “The Entertainment Capital of the World,” is a popular destination for travelers worldwide. From the bright lights of the Strip to the natural beauty of Red Rock Canyon, there is something for everyone in Las Vegas. Here’s a guide to planning your trip to in this City.

When to Go

Las Vegas is a year-round destination, but the best time to visit is from March to May or September to November. The weather during these months is mild, with fewer crowds than during the summer or holiday season.


Las Vegas hotels are known for their luxury and amenities, but there are also budget-friendly options. The Strip is the most popular area, but hotels are also downtown and off the Strip. Compare prices and amenities before booking your accommodations.


Las Vegas McCarran International Airport is the main gateway into the city. Once you arrive, transportation options include taxis, ride-sharing services, and rental cars. The Las Vegas Monorail runs along the Strip, and there are also buses and trams.

Things to Do

Las Vegas is famous for its casinos, nightlife, and shows like Cirque du Soleil. But there are also many other activities, including outdoor adventures like hiking and kayaking. Be sure to include some relaxation time at the spas or by the pools.

Dining Options

Las Vegas has many dining options to suit any budget and taste. There is something for everyone, from fine dining restaurants by celebrity chefs to buffets, food trucks, and fast-food chains. Be sure to make reservations at popular restaurants in advance.


Las Vegas has numerous shopping options, from luxury stores to outlets. The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace and the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian are among the most popular options. Don’t forget to bring an extra suitcase for all your purchases!

Tips for Travelers

When planning your trip to Las Vegas, it’s important to pack accordingly for the desert weather. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and comfortable shoes are a must. Bring your ID and credit card for casinos and take advantage of promos. Lastly, be responsible and enjoy everything in moderation.

Safety tips

Planning a trip to Las Vegas is an exciting prospect, as it’s a destination that offers entertainment, relaxation, and adventure. However, it’s important to remember safety when visiting this bustling city. With a little preparation and caution, you can have a safe and enjoyable trip.

  1. Stay aware of your surroundings – Las Vegas can be busy, so it’s important to stay aware of your surroundings. Be mindful of who is around you, and keep your valuables secure.
  2. Don’t carry large amounts of cash – Pickpocketing and theft can happen in any city, and Las Vegas is no exception. Don’t carry large amounts of cash; be mindful of your credit card use.
  3. Take advantage of hotel safes – Most hotels offer safes for their guests to use. Take advantage of this service to keep your valuables secure while exploring the city.
  4. Use well-lit public areas – When walking around the city, stick to busy, well-lit areas. Avoid isolated or dimly lit alleys and side streets.
  5. Drink responsibly – Las Vegas is known for its nightlife, but drinking responsibly is important. Don’t leave your drink unattended, and be cautious of accepting drinks from strangers.
  6. Plan your transportation – Las Vegas offers a variety of transportation options, including taxis, ride-sharing services, and public transportation. Plan your transportation in advance to avoid getting lost or stranded late at night.

These safety tips can help ensure a safe and enjoyable trip to Las Vegas. With some preparation and caution, you can focus on exploring all these exciting destination offers.

Transportation Options in Las Vegas: A Comprehensive Guide for Travelers

Las Vegas, also known as “the Vegas,” is a popular tourist destination in the United States, attracting millions yearly visitors. While there are plenty of things to see and do in Las Vegas, navigating the city can be overwhelming for some travelers. Fortunately, several transportation options help you get around the city.

1. Taxi

Taxis are readily available in Las Vegas and can be hailed from the street or through ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft. Taxis charge a metered rate based on the distance traveled, and most drivers accept credit cards. It is important to note that taxi drivers in are not permitted to pick up passengers who hail them on the street within certain areas of the city.

2. Rental Cars

Renting a car is an excellent way to explore Las Vegas and the surrounding areas on your own schedule. Several rental car companies are located at the McCarran International Airport and throughout the city. However, driving in this city can be challenging, especially for those not used to navigating busy city streets.

3. Public Transportation

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada operates a bus system that services the Las Vegas metropolitan area. The buses run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and offer an affordable way to get around the city. Single-ride fares start at $2, and day passes are available for $8. However, it is important to note that public transportation be time-consuming, especially during peak hours.

5. Tour Buses

Many tour companies offer guided bus tours of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. These tours range from a few hours to several days and are an excellent way to explore the city and learn about its history, culture, and attractions. Prices for these tours vary depending on the length and type of tour.

Las Vegas offers several transportation options for travelers. Whether you prefer the convenience of taxis, the flexibility of rental cars, the affordability of public transportation, the speed of the monorail, or the guided experience of tour buses, there is an option that will suit your needs. By planning ahead and selecting the transportation option that works best for you, you can make the most of your vacation.

Las Vegas Beyond the Strip: exploring the surrounding area

Las Vegas is known for its glitz and glamour, but there’s more to this city than just the famous Strip. There are plenty of opportunities to explore the surrounding area and discover a different side of Las Vegas. Whether you’re looking for natural beauty, outdoor adventure, or glimpses of history.

  1. Red Rock Canyon: Just a 30-minute drive from the Vegas Strip, Red Rock Canyon offers stunning hiking trails, rock climbing, and scenic drives through striking red rock formations.
  2. Hoover Dam: Located just an hour’s drive from the Strip, this engineering marvel built in the 1930s is still impressive. Visitors can tour the facilities and take in the breathtaking views of the Colorado River and the surrounding area.
  3. Lake Mead: Another nearby attraction, Lake Mead, is a man-made reservoir that offers boating, fishing, hiking, and camping opportunities. It’s a great spot for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a break from the city lights.
  4. Valley of Fire State Park: Just an hour’s drive from Las Vegas, this park boasts stunning rock formations and ancient petroglyphs. Visitors can hike through the trails and take in the dramatic vistas.
  5. Mount Charleston: Escape the desert heat and head to Mount Charleston, a 45-minute drive from the Strip, where the temperatures are cooler, and the hiking trails abound.

Las Vegas offers a wealth of experiences beyond the Strip. With natural beauty, outdoor adventure, and historical sites just a short drive away, explore and discover what the area offers.

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Sustainable Tourism : Balancing Enjoyment and Environment

Las Vegas is undoubtedly a city known for its extravagance and over-the-top lifestyle. Glitz, glamour, and endless entertainment options attract millions of tourists annually. However, maintaining a balance between tourism and environmental concerns is crucial. Eco-friendly tourism is gaining momentum in This City. Sustainable tourism promotes ecological and social welfare while providing economic benefits to society.

Choose Environmentally-Friendly Accommodations

Over the years, Las Vegas has made strides in adopting environmentally-friendly measures. Many hotels have incorporated sustainable practices such as energy-efficient lighting, low-flow faucets, linen reuse programs, and recycling facilities. Eco-conscious travelers should opt for hotels that prioritize sustainability.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Las Vegas is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes such as Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire. Instead of spending all your time on the Strip, venture into the great outdoors for recreational activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and camping. Avoid damaging fragile ecosystems by staying on designated trails and not littering.

Support Local Businesses

One of the most effective ways to promote sustainable tourism is to support local businesses. Visit farmers’ markets, dine in restaurants that source locally-grown produce, and buy souvenirs from local artisans. This helps the local economy and reduces dependence on imported products.

Choose Sustainable Transportation Options

Las Vegas is famous for its limos and taxis, but these options are not eco-friendly. Opt for hybrid or electric vehicle rentals instead. Alternatively, use public transportation, ride-share services, or numerous bicycle rental services. Avoid driving during peak hours to reduce carbon emissions.

Conserve Water

Water conservation is crucial in Las Vegas, as it is in a desert. Simple steps such as turning off the faucet while brushing teeth and taking shorter showers can go a long way in water conservation.

sustainable Las Vegas tourism entails balancing environmental protection, local cultures, and socio-economic development. By implementing environmentally-friendly practices, travelers can enjoy all that has to offer while reducing their impact on nature.


Las Vegas is known for being over-the-top, and the city’s shopping scene is no different. From luxury malls in hotels to outlet stores, there’s something for every kind of shopper. If you’re ready to treat yourself, Las Vegas should be your next shopping destination.

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