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Agra may be the city of this Taj Mahal-the historical mosque, into the north Indian condition of Uttar Pradesh, some 200 kilometers from Delhi.it is 240 KMS from Jaipur and is famed throughout the world for its big history of monuments history that is, old colorful bazaars and tourist-friendly behavior associated with the localities.

Agra has three UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort into the populous city and Fatehpur Sikri close by. There are also many other structures and tombs from Agra’s times of fame due to the fact capital of this Mughal Empire.

The town has small else to recommend it. Pollution, especially smog and litter, is widespread and travelers tend to be pestered by swarms of touts and hawkers at every memorial, mosque, palace, or temple. That said, websites are some of the miracles of the world and no visit to India is complete without at least one trip to the Taj. the Tajmahal that is iconic be considered both at sunrise or at the sunset getting Instagram worthy photographs.


Because of the extremely quantity that is high, Agra is just a breeding ground for touts and people looking to split you from your money. Individuals from all around the globe check out Agra to see India’s many building that is famous the Taj Mahal.

While Agra’s golden age was because of the money associated with the Mughal empire between 1526 and 1658, the populous city was established much early in the day. The research that is first to Agra is within the old epic, the Mahabharata, while Ptolemy ended up being 1st person to call it by its contemporary title. The recorded history of Agra begins around the century that is 11th and in the next 500 many years, the town changed hands between various kings, both Hindu and Muslim.

The ruler associated with Delhi Sultanate moved their money from Delhi to Agra in 1506, Sultan Sikandar Lodi. His son Ibrahim Lodi was the ruler this is certainly the final of the Lodi dynasty, while he was beaten in 1526 by Babur, the initial Mughal ruler, into the battle of Panipat. Agra dropped too and became the administrative center associated with the Mughals, whose guideline over Agra ended up being continuous aside from a period that is brief 1540 and 1556. In 1540, Sher Shah Shuri overthrew Humayun and became the ruler of most of Northern India, including Agra. After Sher Shah Suri’s demise, his descendants proved unequal to your task of ruling the kingdom. Hemu, a Hindu who served as one of Suri’s generals, became the ruler that is efficient. Hemu would later crown himself King Hemachandra Vikramaditya just like the kingdom was facing an assault from the Mughals which are reinvigorated. In 1556, Hemu was defeated and killed within the fight that is second of, and the Mughals took back the city of Agra.

Mughals were builders which is great. Babur built the Aram Bagh (Garden of Relaxation) that has been modeled following the garden of haven and was where he had been hidden after their death. His grandson Akbar restored the Agra fort and built Fatehpur Sikri, a town that is whole regarding the borders of Agra. He also renamed Agra although it was at Mughal arms after himself, additionally, the city ended up being known as Akbarabad. Akbar’s grandson Shah Jehan will give Agra its most monument that is famous the Taj Mahal, which he purchased constructed as being a mausoleum for their most beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The Taj is constructed in white marble. It took twenty years to make, and it is now universally referred to as a monument of love. Legend has actually it that Shah Jehan wished a reproduction of the Taj constructed in black marble that would be their last spot this is certainly resting. There isn’t any real support for this theory, but even it can have unlikely been built if it were true. His son Aurangzeb was austere and pious, and had no right time or inclination for the ostentation of his forefathers, preferring to invest their money in wars in South India. The building of this Taj put a strain on the sources of the kingdom and caused a famine around Agra. Shah Jehan was ultimately hidden when you look at the white Taj, close to their beloved wife in any case, even during Shah Jehan’s reign, which was the period when the Mughal empire was at its level.

As well as providing Agra it’s building that is greatest, Shah Jehan has also been accountable for the town’s decline, when he chose to move their money to Shahjahanabad, today known as Old Delhi, in 1658. Though Aurangzeb ordered a move back, this also was short-lived, as he relocated his headquarters down south to Aurangabad to pay attention to their wars into the south. Agra declined therefore performed the Mughal Empire. The city had been sooner or later grabbed because of the Marathas, which renamed it back again to Agra. In 1803, it came under British guidelines, which established the Agra Presidency here. When India regained its freedom, the populous town had been incorporated into the condition of Uttar Pradesh and was not really made their state capital, which went to Lucknow, further east. Agra is now a tourist town, known most notoriously for the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and close by Fatehpur Sikri.

Any person who is enthusiastic about reading a novel on the basis of the tale that is remarkable the Taj Mahal must look into Beneath a Marble Sky by John Shors. Beneath a Marble Sky is definitely an international bestseller that won honors that are multiple is being changed to a Hollywood movie. Another book of advice is The Taj by Colin De Silva.

Taj Mahal Location and Maps:

Taj Mahal : Get in

Agra is 200 kilometers southeast of Delhi and it is certainly one of three stops on India’s Golden Triangle (Agra-Delhi-Jaipur). Agra is normally very well connected via train and road with other urban centers that are nearby holiday destinations.

By plane

Service to Agra’s Kheria Airport (IATA: AGR ICAO: VIAG) is restricted due to the airport’s main work as a fresh air power base. Presently the populous town is served by Air India. Flights usually are on time and supply links with Delhi and Mumbai. The limited flight options are a turn-off to many who choose to visit the town by train or by vehicle although one can save time travelling by atmosphere to Agra. Flights are canceled with little or no notice together with the airport has very limited ground access.

By train

Agra is on the train that is mainly regarding the Delhi-Mumbai (Bombay) and Delhi-Chennai routes. There are several train options in Agra this is certainly connecting with places each day. Some eastbound trains from Delhi stop in Agra, therefore direct connections to points in Eastern India (including Kolkata) are available. There are close to 20 trains to Delhi every, and at least three to four to both Mumbai and Chennai day. Agra and Delhi tend to be notorious due to their winter months that is dense fog reduces presence to virtually zero. All trains travel gradually and thus increases vacation time, and the schedule might be reduced or canceled if traveling in late December or very early January (fog season), travelers must be aware that due to the reduced visibility.

One day excursion from Delhi to Agra :

It is possible to go to Agra comfortably in one by train from Delhi day. Plan on waking early in the and hop from the Bhopal Shatabdi leaving at 06:00 from New Delhi Railway Station morning. Morning meal is supported in the train, which can be contained in the fare and it is frequently an omelet with a handful of pieces of loaves of bread with tea or coffee. Get to Agra then either hire a motor vehicle or rickshaws to have around. A visit towards the Taj Mahal, followed closely by Agra Fort does not take a deal this is certainly great of. Add a stop by at Akbar’s Tomb and/or Itmad-ud-Daulah, for which a taxi or auto-rickshaw are needed, and you’ll continue to have time for lunch before catching the return train at 20:30 with dinner, that will be within the fare. Through a vehicle this is certainly hired is also possible to visit Fatehpur Sikri.

Another option would be to capture the Taj Express from the Hazrat Nizamuddin section. The train departs Delhi (Hazrat Nizamuddin) at around 7:00 are and achieves Agra Cantt at around 10:00 have always been. Upon achieving Agra Cantt station, get to system 1 to exit the place. There exists a tourist information countertop here. Here you’ll reserve admission on the Agra City Tour Bus. This coach shall just take you to Fatehpur Sikri (40km from the city), Agra Fort additionally the Taj Mahal. Their bus makes an end for a meal after visiting Fatehpur Sikri. They will have knowledgeable guides who talk English and Hindi. The component that is most useful of this trip is that it is coordinated with all the arrival and deviation associated with the Taj express, and brings you returning to Agra Cantt place in time to get the return train back to Delhi. Passes are about Rs. 400/- for Indian residents and you will be greater for people from other countries.

By Taxi:

For regional sightseeing in Agra, it is best to hire a taxi for a time foundation this is certainly complete. A means this is certainly dependable of your cab is always to do so online. Also, it is possible to book a taxi at your resort or beyond your railroad station. There is a national federal government-approved taxi stand. It is advisable to negotiate the purchase price using the driver directly or book through some vehicle leasing portal that is online.

Cars aren’t allowed nearby the Taj Mahal complex, however, the rest of Agra is very easily traversed by car. Rentals are available from various agencies being leasing.

It is possible to make use of Uber or Ola to arrange intercity travel quickly at good prices. Remember that both might restrict you to a money choice, therefore create accordingly. Make sure to budget extra, around 750-1000 rupees, to cover any tolls. This will be much cheaper and more flexible than getting a cab business for exact same Agra Fatehpur Sikri trip bundle day.

You hire a taxi that will take you to other places (the white people) in the event that you want to visit Agra by taxi from Delhi International Airport (DEL), be sure. The taxi this is certainly prepaid for regional taxi solutions are known to arrange (independently outside of the auspices for the prepaid taxi system) an area taxi (green and yellow people) to simply take one to Agra. The taxi will have to take a big detour to get a federal government license to visit intercity before going to Agra in this case. Not just is time that is substantial, however, these taxis tend to be small and uncomfortable. The taxi kiosk for regional travel should redirect you to definitely the intercity taxi stand, but don’t rely on them to do this.

By Road:

A contemporary split highway connects the 200 km distance from Delhi to Agra from Delhi: NH2. The drive is usually 4-5 hours, a chunk that is large of includes navigating the blocked roads around Delhi to make it to the highway. The principal accessibility points into the highway is along Mathura Road in Delhi, but then work your way up to NH2 via Tughlakabad if you are coming from South Delhi or Delhi Airport, it’s more straightforward to simply take Aurobindo Marg (Mehrauli Road) plus. As the highway is divided, you will need to look out for vehicles, cars, and bullock carts proceeding the way in which is wrong this occurs.

You’re able to employ an automobile having a motorist (an automobile this is certainly huge five individuals to/from Delhi airport costs about ₹3500). But beware – if you need to get from Agra to your airport in order to capture a flight, be sure to allow the required time for the trip, as traffic circumstances increase the drive time somewhat. Also, it is advisable to learn your motorist. In certain cases, motorists usually take over five hours to cover the distance.

From Jaipur: National Highway 11, a highway this is certainly four-lane connects Agra with Jaipur via the bird sanctuary town of Bharatpur. The distance of around 255 Km is covered in around 4-6 hours.

From Gwalior: A distance of around 120 km, takes around 1.5 hours on National highway 3 (Agra- Mumbai Highway)

A modern highway goes on to Kanpur (285km, 5 hours) and from there to things East ending in Kolkata from Lucknow / Kanpur: NH2. From Kanpur, NH25 heads for the populous city of Lucknow (90 kilometers, 2 hours).

Taj Mahla : Get around

Tongas, electric buses and electric tempos are readily available, together with the method in which is best to get at the Taj where no cars are allowed. Auto-rickshaws and cycle-rickshaws are available everywhere, make sure to agree on fares clearly ahead of time. If you are a foreigner, please bargain make certain you everywhere and bargain hard! Usually, things are available at 40% for the first quoted fares.

UP Tourism conducts day this is certainly daily fullFatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort and Tajmahal; Rs 500/- per head) and half-day tour (Agra Fort and Tajmahal; Rs 350/- per head; fees predicated on Dec 2015) in AC buses. But both the situations, they took you to Tajmahal at the conclusion of the trip in the evening. Therefore, you may not get the time that is enough to see Tajmahal precisely. Except IRCTC also conducts city tours in vehicles, however, you need certainly to book the motor vehicles on your own and a bit costlier compared to the coach tour of UP tourism. Both the UP tourism and IRCTC have it’s reservation office in system no 1 of Agra Cantonment Railway Station.

The way that is the best to see the city will be to take a walk in Mall Road (Sadar). The road is full of handicraft and product stores that are leather-based. You shall additionally get a hold of a lot of food products quite unique to the town. Indian palate is generally extremely spicy.

An automobile rickshaw from the Agra Cantonment section into the Taj Mahal is approximately Rs 80 (at the very least in off period); a period rickshaw through the Taj Mahal to Agra Fort is Rs 40 as being a guide.

An air-conditioned taxi for the should cost around Rs 1200 time. They shall charge slightly more if you want to visit Fatehpur Sikri because it’s a little more out. Be warned that the motorists will most likely attempt to make stops that are unscheduled just how at marble and textile stores which is why they receive commissions. Firmly inform them that you’re maybe not interested in shopping – through this could perhaps not enable you to get anywhere, therefore, try to just opt for the flow – you may not be pressured into buying certainly not it can be irritating if you have a tight routine.

Taj Mahal : See

Agra’s top two sights by far would be the Taj this is certainly incomparable Mahal Agra Fort. Whenever making plans for your sightseeing, simply take heed of this entry this is certainly a convoluted system: for Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Itmud-ad-Daulah, Sikandra and Fatehpur Sikri, you must pay a ₹500 levy to your Agra Development Authority as well as the rates talked about under. Day once paid, the levy is valid for many sights, but limited to one. Nonetheless, you then do not need to pay the ₹500 levies but a smaller one if you are going to another internet site if you should be not visiting the Taj Mahal or occur to arrive for a Friday. Eg ₹50 for Red Fort.

Taj Mahal Official Tour Guides

Formal guides are available in Agra for INR 1035 (approx US$ 20) for the half-day (including Taj Mahal & Agra Fort). Not many formal approved guides stay beyond your monuments so then you can certainly reserve certainly one of any foreign language spoken guides right with contact no if you require the state trip guide. through the approved guides workplace in Agra (Office of Approved Guide Association Agra). Guides tend to be authorized and acquiesced by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India. Guides have given by most travel agencies or resort hotels in Agra usually assert to visit a fixed shop and obtain a payment this is certainly big this fee is distributed among unofficial guides (lapka), travel agents or hotels staff.

Note: To make your trip more book that is enjoyable services’ online for Agra journey, because they are more trustworthy when compared to a guide supplied by accommodations in Agra. All vacation desks are taken by shop owners in addition they push to consult with that particulate shop that is huge.

Any guide that charges less than this is certainly probably touted this is certainly unlicensed. Most unlicensed touts stand outside of the gate of Taj Mahal and Agra fort with fake IDs and focus more on using you for shopping as opposed to on showing record this is certainly precise information.

Audio Guides

Effective April 2011, the Archaeological Survey of India introduced official audio that is a self-guided facility of intercontinental standards for site visitors. The tour enables people to feel the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort at their particular pace, with genuine and information this is certainly factually precise. Site visitors may acquire the sound guide facility through the formal guide this is certainly audio close to the memorial pass counters. Prices for sound guide services tend to be ₹105 (approx US$ 2) in English & Foreign Languages (currently French, Spanish, Italian, German) or ₹63 in Hindi & Indian Languages.

Reviews for the sound guides are extremely good on Tripadvisor along with other vacation web pages and also this could be the way that is recommended to look at two Agra monuments. Recently, smartphone applications and iPod tours have grown to be offered, like the official Taj Mahal app made available from AudioCompass the business this is certainly the same provides sound guides.

Official Smartphone App

Recently, a plethora of smartphone applications has grown to be accessible to assist site visitors tour the monuments. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) offers probably the many ones being extensive AudioCompass. Both the Taj Mahal Official Tour in addition to Agra is certainly similar to Fort Tour is for sale to install for iOS and for Android. The app is present for free, but only the very first 30 moments each and every true point in the Taj and Agra fort is heard. Registration should be purchased for $1/day or $10/year for complete access.


The Taj Mahal is definitely a mausoleum that is immense of marble, built between 1631 and 1648 by purchase regarding the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favorite wife. Taj Mahal means Crown Palace. One of his true spouse’s brands was Mumtaz Mahal, Ornament regarding the Palace. The Taj is one of the most well-maintained and tombs which are architecturally stunning in the whole world, one of several masterpieces of Indian Muslim architecture, plus one associated with the great internet sites of the world’s heritage.

The Taj Mahal has a full lifetime of its very own that leaps away from marble, supplied you comprehend that it is a memorial of love. The Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore called it a teardrop on the cheek of eternity, whilst the English poet, Sir Edwin Arnold, said it was not just a little bit of architecture, as various other buildings tend to be, nevertheless the happy passions of an emperor’s love wrought in living rocks. This is an event of woman-built in marble, and that’s the actual way to appreciate it.

It’s awe-inspiring although it the most photographed edifices on earth and instantly familiar, actually seeing. Maybe not everything is in the pictures. The lands of this complex include other beautiful structures, showing swimming pools, considerable decorative home gardens with flowering woods and shrubs, as well as a gift shop this is certainly little. The Taj framed by trees and reflected inside a pool is amazing. Up close, huge areas of the building tend to be covered with inlaid stonework.

It has a story that is apocryphal Shah Jahan planned to create an exact content of this Taj Mahal out of black marble on the opposite region of the river as his very own tomb. His programs were foiled by their son, which murdered three elder brothers and overthrew their daddy to acquire the throne. Shah Jahan happens to be hidden alongside his spouse when you look at the Taj Mahal.

If you are taking a digital camera, beware that since the Taj is white your digital camera might underexpose your pictures. Until its far too late when it is a movie digital camera you won’t learn. Overexposure by one or two stops is advised.

The Taj is available from 6:00 AM to 6:30 PM (sunset) every except Friday time. The gates will not open until 6:00 was at the first, often minutes being few, therefore do not bother getting here at 5:00 AM. Entry prices ₹1300 for foreigners and ₹250 for Indians (see pricing part above). Get truth to be told there as early as feasible to conquer the crowds of people. Crowds of people are the biggest throughout the when people overshadow the brilliance for the Taj weekend. Plan to visit the Taj at the very least two different times in the day (dusk and dawn are best) in an effort to see the full effect of switching sunshine in the building that is amazing. It really is utterly stunning within a moon this is certainly complete. You’ll be able to get extreme views that are great Mehtab Bagh (see Gardens part below). It’s a proven fact that is good to bring a flashlight, considering that the inside of the Taj Mahal is quite dark also throughout the day. To totally appreciate the important points regarding the gem inlays, you will need a light this is certainly great.

To buy tickets, it is possible to go right to the South Gate, but this gate is 1 kilometer far through the entry together with the counter opens up at 8:00 AM. The counters open at 6:00 were during the West and East gates. These gates supply smaller queues in peak times while the tour is certainly big drop teams down during the South gate. Alongside the violation countertop, you may buy sound this is certainly self-guided (allows two to a product) for ₹100 in English and foreign languages and ₹60 for Indian languages.

The Taj is located in the middle of town. Anticipate a family member line to get into the grounds. There are three gates. The gate that is western the key gate where many tourists enter. A large number of individuals turn up on weekends and general public holiday breaks, and entry through the gate that is western takes hours. The south and gates which can be eastern less busy and maybe tried on such times.

You can find viewing sessions during full moons and two days pre and post (five times as a whole) night. Exclusions tend to be Fridays (the sabbath that is Muslim and the month of Ramadan. Tickets must be purchased 24 hours ahead of time through the Archeological Society of India office situated at 22, Mall Road, Agra. Ticket fare is Rs. 500 for Indian Nationals and Rs. 750 for Non-Indians. Night tickets carry on sale beginning at 10 a.m., nonetheless, they don’t always sell aside, into it when you arrive whether or not well after 10 a.m so it is really worth searching. Passes only allow viewing through the sandstone that is red in the south end associated with the complex, and only for the 1/2 hour window. Make sure to use mosquito repellent. Viewing hours for watching is from 8:30pm-9:00pm and 9:00pm-9:30pm evening. Arrive 30 minutes early for a security check at the Taj Mahal Ticketing counter on East Gate or you might lose your chance. The view is not well worth investing once the visitors tend to be held very far from Taj Mahal nearly 200 Mts away and there’s no light so that it could not be viewed during evening hours at watching hours evening. Cameras also never offer photos with near-zero flux that could easily be averted for viewing evening.

Agra Fort

The fort is similar in design to the Red Fort in Delhi, but significantly better maintained, just as much of Delhi Fort ended up being razed because of the British after the Mutiny. Just as much as the palace as being a structure this is certainly protective additionally, it is built mainly from purple sandstone.

Emperor Akbar, king at 14, began consolidating his kingdom and, as an assertion of his power built the fort in Agra between 1565 and 1571, during the time that is same Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi. Emperor Shah Jahan put into the fort and finished up a prisoner inside it. The fort includes a stunning view of his work of art, the Taj Mahal, on a day this is certainly clear.

You can get towards the fort by Rickshaw from the Taj Mahal for around ₹25-30. Entry towards the fort is ₹600 (November 2018), plus an ₹50 this is certainly extra you’ve got perhaps not currently compensated the ₹500 fee for Taj Mahal.

There are kept luggage services at Agra Fort where you can stow your bags at no cost. An excellent of ₹5,000 pertains if you lose your baggage solution.

Additionally, there are guides which can be audio at Agra Fort which you can rent for a cost of ₹100 in English as well as other foreign languages (German, French, Spanish, etc) or ₹60 in Indian languages such as Hindi or Bengali.


Soami Bagh, (10 km north of Agra). The marble is certainly white associated with the Radha Soami religion happens to be under building. It absolutely was were only available in 1904 and it is not likely to be completed until sometime century this is certainly next. You can observe pietra dura inlaid marble work actually being worked on. Soami Bagh is north that is 2km of and may be reached by coach or pattern.

Ram Bagh

The initial Mughal gardens, built by the Mughal that is very first Emperor, 500 m North of this Chini Ka Rauza. 

Mehtab Bagh

(straight over the Yamuna River from the Taj Mahal, the trip takes about thirty minutes from the center of town by autorickshaw and can price about ₹200). Sunrise to Sunset. These landscapes being botanical you a chance to view the Taj at a remove through the crowds of people of tourists.. Instead, stroll beyond the entrance and right to the sandy banks associated with the river: the view of this Taj is every little bit as lovely (perhaps way more because the barbed-wire fence surrounding the home gardens are while you might suffer from intense touts behind you. When you look at the rainy season once the lake is complete you could get good photographs of this Taj at sunset, since the reflection mirrors off the water. Take a round trip by car rickshaw, as you can find usually aren’t any rickshaws looking fares right here. Entry to your playground is ₹300 for foreigners, ₹250 if paying by card.

Other Sights


10 km north of Agra on the Agra Delhi highway Start from sunrise to sunset. The tomb of Akbar lies here in the center of the garden that is huge. Akbar began its construction himself nonetheless it ended up being finished by their child Jehangir, just who significantly modified the plans being initial accounts for the somewhat cluttered architectural lines of the tomb. Four sandstone this is certainly red lead to your tomb complex: a person is Muslim, one Hindu, one Christian, plus one is Akbar’s patent combination.

Itmad-Ud-Daulah’s Tomb

Empress Nur Jehan built Itmad-Ud-Daulah’s Tomb, sometimes known as the Baby Taj, on her behalf dad, Ghias-ud-Din Beg, the Chief Minister of Emperor Jahangir. Little when compared to a number of other Mughal-era tombs, it’s often referred to as a jewel package. Its garden use and design of white marble, pietra dura, inlay designs and latticework presage many aspects of the Taj Mahal.

Mariam’s Tomb

(West from Akbar’s Tomb on Agra-Delhi highway). Built by Jahangir into the memory of his mommy Mariam Zamani a title bestowed upon her,. The grave is constructed of white marble. A Christian Mission School and a chapel though this building is within a ruined problem, yet it’s with its vicinity. Furthermore stated; Akbar himself made so it within the memory of his Christian wife.

Jama Masjid

A big mosque related to Princess Jahanara Begum integrated 1648 during the reign associated with the paternal father Shah Jahan. Notable for the dome this is certainly uncommon and of minarets.

Chini Ka Roza

A memorial aimed at the Prime Minister of Shah Jahan, Allama Afzel Khal Mullah Shukrullah of Shiraz, significant because of its dome of blue tiles which are glazed. This monument is off the outdone path, and hoards of neighborhood kiddies can surround women which can be western.

Gurudwara Guru ka Taal, (at Delhi-Agra Highway, positioned between Transport Nagar and Sikandra)

Hotel Taj Khema, Taj East Gate Rd (simply east for the Mahal this is certainly taj) ☎ +91 5622330140. The landscapes, where you are able to have tea or coffee, give you a view of the Taj Mahal. Daily pilates lessons could be offered. ₹250 Sat-Thu, ₹350 Fri.

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